• Garden Notes
    • 3/11 The mayflower sprouts are peeking about a 1/2 inch above ground
    • 3/14 Forsythia has started blooming, tulip leaves are coming up out of ground, so are crocuses(?)
    • 3/15 arugula, spinach, brussel sprouts in the little raised bed “greenhouse” are growing slowly. Still having cold weather with nights in 20’s and 30’s.
    • First daffodils are blooming
    • Ivy eradication is 80% done. Wild onions and some other natives are starting to populate the cleared area.
    • White dogwood in front yard has lots of buds still unopened
  • Nature Journal
    • Regularly seeing over 20 species of birds in or around the yard
    • Bluebirds seem to be taking over the bluebird house.
    • Seeing a pair of brown headed nuthatches.


Garden Notes

  • The previous summer I noted the position of the sunny spots in the garden area and reshaped the beds accordingly.
  • 3/18 Planted: Moonflowers, Morning glories, Pumpkins, Watermelons, Sunflowers, Summer Squash, Radishes, Wildflowers, Replanted the peach tree. Bought: Garden spicket, dirt, squirrel baffle.
  • 3/30 some light rain. Some seedlings sprouted out of the compost dirt I spread in the garden. – apparently from a cantaloupe/cucumber that got thrown in the compost at some point.
  • 3/31 Transplanted pumpkins from pots to ground. Moved the random cantalope/cucumbers plants to one section back by the oak stump. Thinned radishes, cucumbers, and beans. Planted pepper plants. Planted the May Apple sprouts I bought from Niche Gardens. Light drizzle in am. Heavy Rain and pea sized hail around 9pm.

Nature Journal

  • Birds: Throughout march saw lots of grackles jays and mockingbirds. March 20 saw Towhee scratching in the garden dirt, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Cardinal, Brown Thrasher.
  • Moths: March 17 set up up the moth sheet in the tree house for the first time in 2012. I had seen several moths on nights before.
    • March 15 – noticed a (brightly colored) moth on the awning of a building. Possibly oncocnemis atrifasciata ?
    • March 18 – no moths
    • March 19 – one micro moth and one gray geometer moth. Later in the day saw a tan colored moth on the deck.

Flowers blooming in our yard in March:








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