As an experienced change leader, innovator, mentor and connector, I understand the importance of sound advice, fresh perspectives and introductions to the right individuals or organizations to accelerate success. My experience as a leader and mentor in entrepreneurial and innovation roles make me an empathic listener and strong ally for change leaders.

Services offered

  • Management & Technology Strategy Consulting
  • Architecture Services for Enterprise, Cloud, Data & Platforms
  • Innovation Strategy & Execution for Applied Research or Early Stage ventures


  • Deep domain & industry-specific expertise
  • Proven track record of execution from idea to delivery, adoption, and quantifiable business value.
  • Unique ability to bridge emerging tech & innovation with the needs of highly regulated organizations
  • Experience in both startups, large companies, US & International contexts.
  • Founder and trusted advisor for clinical & ethical governance of AI and emerging tech.

Example Engagements

Coaching for Individuals Consulting for OrganizationsConsulting for Boards and Industry Groups
You need a coach who will help you see how you’re holding yourself back, get clarity about what you really want and achieve it. Your organization faces serious challenges. You need to make sense of rapid changes, new threats and opportunities, and create a clear path forward to your desired future state. You are on a journey. You’ll need to align stakeholders, recruit the right talent, win customers, and evolve as you navigate obstacles on the path to accomplishing the change you believe is needed.

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