One of my favorite pictures of my Dad, from his years out West.

According to my Father, he had someone take this picture of him sitting on a log holding a saddle. They were at a camp up in the Idaho mountains on a roundup.

The caption reads:

“R.W. Perrine Indian Creek camp 1954 Wyoming / Idaho border S. of Tetons”

He kept this photo in a small black album, which contained a collection of photos that he took during the 1950’s when he was a young man, working in various ranches out West. I recorded this using a digital camera, while visiting my father in Oct 2003. I had  remembered seeing it when I was a kid, and as an adult hoped we could find it so I could get a copy of it. To me it was always my favorite most memorable photo of my father’s days out west. He had a number of other photos in the same book, I recall some with barren landscapes and pronghorn antelopes.

Looking at online terrain and satellite views, I learned that there is an Indian Creek that forks on the Idaho side of the Idaho / Wyoming border. On the actual border, there is a North Fork Indian Creek and a South Fork Indian Creek. There are a number of trails (like the very ones he traveled) in the area, and in recent years hikers have posted photos, as well as location points on Google Maps.