We were eating lunch at home, gazing out the kitchen window into a cold rainy November afternoon. Suddenly a hawk swooped down and caught some kind of rodent, then flew to a nearby tree. He finished his meal in a few minutes, then after swiping his beak several times on the tree bark, he ruffled and shook the water droplets off his feathers.

The Cooper Hawk had just finished its meal and hopped over to another branch. As I took this photo, the hawk appeared to wipe its beak back and forth a few times on the branch, which I could see was covered with lichen.


I was intrigued by the beak-wiping behavior. It definitely appeared that the hawk was wiping off its beak. I also noticed that the branch he was wiping his beak on was covered with lichen. I wondered if I should reinterpret my post Crow Threatens Hawk with Lichen. Perhaps the crow was merely offering a napkin. 🙂

I don’t think this is the same Cooper’s Hawk that took a Pine Siskin back in March. That particular one had a more gray mantle, characteristic of an adult. This one has more brown which to my understanding suggests it is a juvenile.

The hawk stayed in the tree for several more minutes and let me get some additional photos.

IMG_9996 IMG_9969 IMG_9973