Dec 2 -saw i am pretty sure were several redwing blackbirds eating seeds out of a profusion sweet gum balls high in top of an old sweet gum tree. They appeared to be a blackbird of some sort – too small to be grackles. One had markings indicative if a female or juvenile redwing.

Dec 9- The red tailed hawk flew through our yard this morning as we sat down for breakfast. This hawk seems to spent time near the ground during the winter months. Last year I noticed this behavior. It seemed as if the hawk was hunting birds that are near the ground – or near the feeders.


Dec 2 – hard frosts in late November killed off the tomato plants. I’ve left the dead vines on the trellises because the White Throated Sparrows seem to like hanging out in them. The bok choy however seems to continue to thrive. The butterfly bush also is still green, perhaps due to its proximity to the house.

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