December 26 – While fishing with my brother in law and the kids, we got to see an example of a gull chasing a Great Blue Heron.

I first noticed a Great Blue Heron sitting on the water, like a large goose. I didn’t know Herons sat on the water, but accounts from both Wikipedia and All About Birds confirm this.

Heron vs Seagull - 1 of 4

The heron then flew off, headed for the far shore.

Heron vs Seagull - 2 of 4

Suddenly a very vocal gull flew at the heron. The heron wheeled around and headed back toward our shore.

Heron vs Seagull - 3 of 4

The gull continued to chase it a bit more then turned back, and the heron locked its wings into a glide.

Heron vs Seagull - 4 of 4