Nature Journal

  • Nov 1 – Seeing all three species of nuthatch: White breasted, red breasted and brown headed. First frost warning.
  • Nov 2 – Saw Brown Creeper going up an oak tree in the yard
  • Nov 3 – Saw a bluebird at feeder
  • Nov 4 – Golden crowned kinglet visited feeder. Continued seeing cardinals chickadees titmice, wrens, house finches downy and red bellied woodpeckers. Have heard owls in the early mornings. White throat sparrows seem to love hanging out in the tomato plants. Have not seen juncos yet.
  • Nov 9 – First Junco arrived today. Landed on the deck railing, looked around for a few moments then hopped down to the ground directly under the bird feeder.

Nov 23 – the day after thanksgiving I got up early and went to Mason Farm. Temps in the low thirties. A large buck with legendary antlers stepped out into the trail behind me and stood there in the morning sun. Amazing sight. Also saw Pine Siskins, goldfinches, kinglets.

Nov 25 – Brown Creeper, Red Breasted Nuthatch, Brown Headed Nuthatch ad well as all the usual suspects. Also got a glimpse of a small yellow bird – maybe a pine warbler?


  • Nov 4 Dug up (aerated) the ground around willow, ash, dogwoods, grapevine in front yard, watered them with mild ironite mixture, then covered over with leaf mulch.
  • Pruned dogwood next to the trellis and shrubs under front windows.

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