Springtime Warbler CollectionThis page provides information about a Non Fungible Token (NFT) offered as part of the Springtime Warblers Collection, a limited edition collection by Ralph Perrine for exclusive release on Opensea.io

Artwork Origin

The Prairie Warbler in this work was seen on a misty April morning in 2020, along one of the trails at Brumley Forest North. The bird was calling incessantly, flitting through the bushes and lower branches of trees with no apparent concern about my presence. A few of the reference photos are shown below. In spite of the poor early light of a cloudy morning, the exuberant nature of this songster shows through.

My interest in nature and birds started when I was a child, under the influence of my Dad and my Grandmother. My Dad was patient enough to let me use his Stellar binoculars. In the mornings before breakfast I’d keep watch out our kitchen window for birds coming in and out of our backyard. I still have those binoculars. I don’t take them out that often anymore but I got years and years of good use out of them.

My Grandmother was a farmer’s wife turned schoolteacher who lived in Maine. I have memories of her reading bird books to me before I could even read myself. I loved looking through her bird guides. A handwritten note in one of her bird guides inspired me to try to find the Hudsonian Godwit.