This Non Fungible Token (NFT) is part of the Springtime Warblers Collection, a limited edition collection by Ralph Perrine for exclusive release on

Artwork Origin

Thanks to their ringing repeated calls, Hooded Warblers are easy to locate but hard to see. These tiny birds blend so well into the dappled green and yellow leafy understory of spring and summer forests.

The reference photos for this artwork were taken in April 2020 at Brumley Forest South. And yes, it did take me quite a while to actually locate the bird. I could hear it singing in the trees way over on the other side of a cleared field. I cut across the field and entered the forest, following the sound as best I could. The first time you see it, its just a tiny yellow thing zipping in and out of visibility among the different shades of yellow and green. Like most warblers, it seems to never stay in one place for more than a few moments.