Give people ways to work – Give people ways to connect. Quickly

Remember one of your favorite Happy Hour or bar experiences? What made it great? The music, drinks, conversation, ambiance?

These experiences are nearly impossible during pandemics. In non-pandemic times, creating or finding these experiences is still challenging for many many people.

Virtual Event as a Service is a platform concept that allows people to connect and enjoy a retail entertainment experience virtually. The concept provides both immediate and long term economic benefits.

Why this matters

The immediate need during Covid19 times:

  • Giving people ways to work
  • Giving people ways to connect

Post pandemic need

There is a longer term need for new ways to connect that give new ways to work.

New ways to connect

  • Options to connect for individuals who lack mobility
  • Ways to connect with friends who moved away, or who are on travel
  • Ways to revisit venues and relationships that are no longer in your locale

New ways to work

  • Economic and employment opportunities thru expanded food and beverage delivery, experience delivery and merchandising.
  • Expand entertainment venues for musicians and artists
  • Let restaurants and bars to extend their presence and customer base by offering digital versions of themselves that are richer than what is offered by Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook etc. 
  • Let churches, employers and community organizations offer rich memorable experiences that bring people together in spite of the geographical distances that separate them.

The Virtual Event Experience

Virtual Event as a Service offers a completely orchestrated combination of food, beverage, video conferencing, music, ambiance and merchandise, delivered to each of the different physical locations wherever you and your friends and loved ones happen to be.

The Virtual Event can be experienced on a mobile phone with headphones, a home computer or laptop, or cast to a large screen. The experience can unfold for a person who is alone with a tablet or mobile device, or for a group of people in a room with a large screen.

Pick a Time. Pick a time in the future, or as late as 1 hr in advance. A simple search lets you quickly see your options.

Pick a Venue. Choose from an array of exciting Virtual Venues – based on real or imagined places – each with their own ambiance music. Some examples:

  • Bar
  • Crab Shack
  • beach House 
  • Outdoor concert 
  • Stadium seating
  • Concert – Private penthouse 

Venues can schedule events.

Different events have different kinds of cover charges or admission fees 

Invite friends. Choose from friends you’ve added, or invite others to join. Newcomers will be guided through an easy sign up process so they can enjoy the same experience.

Pick Drinks and Food. Choose from a tempting selection and have it delivered to your location by the time your event is scheduled to start.

  • Beverages like coffee tea cider beer wine soda juice etc.
  • Food offerings (bar food, pizza, or more specialized).
  • Food and beverage will be delivered hot or cold as appropriate to your location.

Share your location. Your food and bev will arrive at this location at the requested time.

Maximize your experience. Once your drinks have arrived and you’ve joined your friends in your chosen venue, you can actively manage the experience. These easy to use controls are based on the insight that we all intutively try to manage our experience when we go out:

  • Break up into a smaller group for an interesting conversation.
  • Move to a quiter or louder location.
  • Decide how long or how briefly to stay.
  • Change venues in order to hear different music or entertainment

So in virtual settings these translate into a couple of enablers to manage your experience:

  • Grouping – creating a sub-group that is focused on a specific topic or activity.
  • Volume control – the ability to manage the volume of the background chatter, the music, and the active conversation.
  • Introductions – the ability to add people to your table or your own section of the bar, and indtorducte them to your group..
  • Tuner – the ability to tune in to different kinds of entertainment: Live Music, Comedians or Speakers, DJs, or Movies.

Venue Entertainment and Ambience

Virtual Sound System for Live Musicians.  Because a group of musicians may need to play from multiple locations, a virtual sound system is required to allow music to be enjoyed by the distributed audience.

  • Plug your instrument or mic into a virtual soundboard so you and the other musicians pipe your music in full harmony to your audience – even if you are in remote locations.
  • Musicians need to be tuned up plugged in ready to go by the start of their scheduled time slot. 
  • Output channel enables musicians to hear what the audience is hearing.
  • Audio controls enable blending of instruments and vocals.
  • Sound effects 
  • Ability to Record sessions
  • Other Options: In addition to live music, patrons can have the ability to tune into playlists from Spotify YouTube Pandora etc.

Employment & Economic Opportunities 

Hospitality, Food and Beverage

  • Food and beverage preparation and supply chain
  • Delivery of food, beverage, props, clothes or other products.

Entertainment – Live Musicians, DJs, Comedians and more. 

  • Musicians and DJs can sign up to play a venue or can be unassigned which means they are “on air” for any audiences. 
  • Musicians and DJs who sign up to play a venue will play in a scheduled order. The musicians take slots in the schedule based on first come first serve basis. 
  • Customers can choose to listen to the musicians and DJs who signed up for a specific audience or they can choose for their table or section to hear a different musician or DJ. 

Venue or Experience Creators

  • Product placement – display art or other furnishings that enrich the character of the virtual venture, but which are also for sale.
  • Scenery Artists – create the graphics and audio that delivers the digital experience of the virtual venues.
  • Merchandising – Create and sell clothing or similar merchandise that is delivered prior to the event for use during the event, or at some point after the event as souvenier or memory.